I Can't Believe It's Not Pesach Anymore  

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I've been looking forward to Pesach the last couple of months. I had grand plans for this three week vacation my school generously granted us. Besides for the obvious cleaning and sleeping in, I hoped to get together with some friends over Chol HaMoed, have good times, catch up on some schoolwork, and feel accomplished. I thought that three full weeks was enough to do all those things that would make me feel like I've used my time well. But, as we all know, man plans and G-d laughs.

I did feel quite accomplished the week before Pesach, having cleaned my room for the first time in months. Meaning, my room ended up looking like one hurricane swept through it instead of ten. By now though, I think we're back to about five hurricanes.

The first days of Pesach were wonderful. I spent them with family and friends and did not miss the Internet or my iPod AT ALL. What I did miss though were my notebooks and pens. I suppose it is because I have this theory that if something was not recorded on paper or immortalized on a photo, it did not happen. That's like asking whether something falling in a forest made a sound if nobody was there to hear it. Obviously it did make a sound, but the point is that nobody knows about it and it is as if it had never happened.

On Chol HaMoed I went back to being lazy. The one day I decided to go out and do something I got sick. Fortunately, however, I got sick AFTER I went out, so I did go at least somewhere. That somewhere was shopping with my mother. One of the things I realized was that the clothing being sold in stores nowadays is not something I would want to wear -- and not because of tznius issues, but just because it doesn't look good. Or maybe I am just a tad too picky about the things I wear? I like to think that I am not shallow or girly enough to blog about clothing, but if I ever find pictures online of outfits I would wear, I might post them.

So the last days of Pesach I spent with a fever, a sore throat, and a cough. When I tried to get out of bed for Kiddush on Wednesday, I felt so sick after taking just a few steps that I gave up and went back to sleep. Needless to say, my sleeping patterns have been greatly disturbed the past few days because I overslept a few times and slept during the day and did not sleep some nights. One night of Chol HaMoed I got about an hour of sleep. Perhaps I was thinking too much about going to sleep and achieved the opposite effect that way.

Although I feel better now than I did yesterday, I am still not feeling well enough to go out or do anything major. If not for this, I might have gone out for pizza today. I don't particularly want pizza (or chametz in general, for that matter), but after a few years you get used to this ritual of loading up on chametz once Pesach is over. The only non-Pesach item I had since havdala yesterday was Vitamin Water. But my mother, who is out shopping for Shabbat right now, said she would buy me hamantashen if she finds some. :] Yes, I'm still in Purim mode. (Which also means that we should restock the items from our alcohol supply that we had to finish or get rid of before Pesach, such as beer, vodka, and rum.)

I'm going back to school on Monday, so I should probably do all those things I thought I would accomplish -- lots of homework, some of which I should have done weeks ago and some of which I am supposed to complete by the end of April.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Pesach! Good luck getting back to your regular schedules now....

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