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You know those people who are so obsessed about something that they make you feel self-conscious about it too? Everyone has a person like that in his or her life, whether it is a relative, a friend, a community member, or a casual acquaintance.

This person cares so much about certain trivialities and little details, that although you originally couldn't care less about it, you eventually find yourself thinking about it too. It's not something you should be worrying about, and it's something so silly, but your mind focuses on it because this other person is constantly talking about it.

For example, an average-looking girl who constantly complains about her weight and mentions it at every opportunity. Even though she has an average weight, she constantly complains, "I'm sooo fat!" And I can't help thinking, "Shut up." It's not that I don't care about my friends. I do. If a friend is trying to lose weight and she loses a couple of pounds, I am happy for her and I tell her as much. I just hate it when people are obsessed about it or make exaggerated statements in order to gain sympathy or attention. When a relatively thin girl claims to be fat, she knows that at least half a dozen other girls will violently protest and assure her that she's so skinny. And she will coyly smile and reply, "No, but seriously, I really am fat."

Then there are also those who complain that they look old, even though nobody notices it. What some people don't understand is that the way they look does not matter to their friends! Their friends are their friends no matter what, and they don't notice these small details about appearance. They are loved no matter what, so why is their appearance such a big deal? It only causes other people to become self-conscious as well.

I'm not advocating slovenliness or a complete disregard for the way you present yourself. You can care about your appearance and try to make a positive impression without talking about it constantly or bothering the people around you.

And I really did not mean to sound so harsh. This was meant to be a short post making a simple observation. I don't know how it became this long....

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Those people don't just try to get attention. They try to make you answer "oh dear, you're not fat at all" which makes them feel better. Weird thing.

But trust me sometimes for some people it is a matter of looking old, when people who don't know them well assume that it's an adult woman standing if front of them adding at least 10 years to a regular teenage girl....
Weird thing too

May 3, 2009 at 4:09 PM

I'm not talking about teenage girls who look like they're older. Generally, girls WANT to look older than they are. I'm talking about adults who complain that they look old even though they look good for their age.

May 3, 2009 at 9:55 PM

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