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Well, I'm in New York, at home, at my computer. I have not been here in nearly three weeks. My first thought as I turned on the computer now (after using a small laptop all this time) was, "Wow, this screen is huge! And the letters! And icons! I don't have to squint to see them!"

It is nearly midnight here in NY, but my watch still reads 7... as in, 7 AM. I am not quite sure which time I should go by now, but while I am awake, I might as well spend a few minutes online, upload photos to my computer, pull some things out of our suitcases, and so on.

While we were waiting to board our plane in Ben Gurion (the flight was an hour late, but the screen still said it was "on time"), I got into a conversation with a young Israeli woman sitting next to me, who was going to New York for a year or two but insisted that Jews should live in Israel. She asked me if I'm planning on making aliya. I saw her again once our plane landed in NY and thought to myself, "Hey, that's cool -- I met her in Israel and now we're seeing each other again in New York!"

So yes, that's basically the point of this blog post.... I am not in Israel anymore. My plans for the day no longer include hailing a monit or bargaining with Israelis or taking hundreds of pictures of all the places I see.

I feel as if I can barely write. My fingers keep missing the keys, my eyes are closing, and I am trying to suppress a yawn.

I am exhausted.

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