Nothing Can Rain on Our Parade: Am Yisrael Chai!  

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Flyers and ads for today's Salute to Israel parade announced that the parade would proceed, rain or shine. For a while, it looked as though we would have no shine, since the weather forecast ominously predicted rain for today. Since something like a little rain would not stop me from coming to support Israel and cheer on those marching, I packed an umbrella and went off to 5th Avenue. It became apparent to me soon enough that not only was my umbrella unnecessary, but that bringing sunglasses and sunscreen would have been much more worthwhile. The threatening clouds were only present for the beginning of the parade, and they soon disappeared, allowing the sun to shine down and illuminate the cheerful proceedings.

Men, women, students, children, and dogs were all there to display their pride for Israel. Both those marching and those observing waved Israeli flags and cheered. And one of the things I love most about these parades for Israel is the incredible sense of unity. There is a connection, a special bond, between all the people who show up to the parade. It does not matter who they are or how they identify themselves -- if they are religious, non-religious, Orthodox, Conservative, wearing a kippa or bareheaded, wearing a short skirt or pants -- they are all there together to show their love for Israel and the Jewish nation. And that's beautiful. Seeing all these people -- thousands of them -- together in one place and for a common cause is beautiful. I could have cried out of pride.

I spent a couple of hours at the parade and then made my way through Central Park to the Summerstage, where the Israel Day Concert was taking place. At that point, the sun came out full force and I felt myself baking in its heat. It cooled down eventually though, so I stayed for a while. There was music, dancing, and singing as everyone celebrated together.

Next time though, I am bringing sunscreen even if rain is expected. My face is not looking happy right now -- I don't think I've been this burnt since last summer!

Their signs said things like "I found my heart/brain/courage in Israel"
Dmitriy Salita
People were dancing and singing and celebrating
The Maccabeats

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dogs displayed pride?

May 24, 2010 at 10:35 AM

Sure! What, you've never seen a dog wrapped in an Israeli flag and marching along?

May 25, 2010 at 12:23 AM

Wasn't it a great parade? One of my kids marched with her school, so we going rain or shine. I love the different ways of displaying flags, and all the ethnic groups and the schools, though my favorite thing this year may have been the one elderly man in shorts and sneakers and longish white hair, calmly pushing his walker-thing.

My grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, used to go every year just to see all the Jewish children.

Thanks for the pics!

May 25, 2010 at 2:48 PM

Jewish Antisemitism by Bob Arum promoted huge antisemitic campaign against Salita in the American media leading to his fight with Khan and partially responsible for his loss. Yuri Foreman, and his mafia manager Morrie Wilson (was 2 times in jail, and on FBI list for connections to organized crime) has a lot to do with it, they now try to icelate Salita and keep him out of boxing. Also, Bob Arum is stealing Salita’s story and puts it on Yuri, Salita went to Yeshiva and observant since he was 18. Yuri Foreman became “orthodox rabbinical student” in two days – so, how much does he study 30 minutes a day at best…

June 4, 2010 at 1:46 PM

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