Breaking Free - part I  

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Choices are not easy to begin with; you have to live with your choice and it can completely change the direction of your life, whether for good or bad. But at some point you feel ready to make that choice, because after much deliberation you have reached the conclusion that it is what is best for you. You've agonized, spent sleepless nights thinking, scrutinized all the choices before you, spoken to people who would understand where you're coming from. And you're ready. You're ready for yourself.

But you're not ready to be open about it, because the rest of the people in your life don't make it easy for you to make that decision even when you feel that it is right for the person you are, the person they have not yet gotten to know. It is a fact of life that people have a hard time reconciling the little child they knew to the person you are now. But the child they knew was only a product of his/her upbringing, still unable to make informed decisions at crucial moments. They were used to this child; this child did what he/she was expected to do, the child's ideals were in line with the adults' ideals, and aside from the occasional lapses in behavior, everything was fine.

The problem begins when the child becomes his/her own person, learns, reads, is exposed to new ideas, experiences the world, sees firsthand what life is about, meets new people, and starts to create his/her own understanding of how life should be lived.

This is about someone who is finding a place in the world, who wants to live with eyes and heart wide open. Naive? Idealistic? Perhaps. But also introspective, thoughtful, informed? Yes.

Children, as they grow up, need to be given space to be themselves. If you try too hard to choke them with your own truths, you will alienate them. But so many people don't understand this. They cannot accept it when they see that you are becoming your own person, making your own choices. They don't know you; they don't see what is going on inside your head. All they see is the child they knew.

That makes it more difficult to be the person you want to be, the person you know with every fiber of your being is you. You become so caught up with others' perception of you that you begin stunting your own growth. And that's not good.

At some point, the time comes to break free -- to be honest, to be truthful, to talk to people and know that you can be yourself; you do not have to pretend to be the person others expect you to be. Being honest with yourself is not enough; you have to be honest with the people in your life, with the world, both in your daily face-to-face interactions and your writing or whatever other forms of self-expression you may want to use.

Breaking free -- what does it mean to you?

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In my opinion, I feel the band queen captures freedom quite well in this song, I want to break free: I want to break free...Gd Knows I want to break free...but life still goes on...

May 16, 2011 at 1:17 AM

Breaking free is tough. People always try to box you in, not on purpose, but because they are not used to change. My mother always scolds us if we would say things like "I'm not that kind of person." She would say, "Don't put yourself into a box. Maybe you're not that way now, but maybe you will change." Perhaps that is why it bothers me when others say "That is so not you."

Breaking free to me means that you're not afraid to be how you want to be, even if you may surprise some people. It's being able to respond to those who say, "That is so not you" with "Yes, this is me."

May 16, 2011 at 9:39 AM

I agree. This is part of the maturation process--allowing yourself to follow your own interests and passions regardless of your surroundings.(family/friends)
Ultimately, by being yourself you are drawing the kind of people that you would want to be surrounded by.

May 30, 2011 at 6:15 PM

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