HaChof B'Ashdod  

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My last couple of days in Israel were spent in Ashdod, in my cousin's house. She has two daughters, ages fourteen and twenty, and the last time I had seen them was back when I was four, so I was looking forward to spending some time with them and actually getting to know them.

I ended up having a great time with all of them there. Many of our relatives visited us in Ashdod (and my cousin was very hospitable to all those relatives AND friends that my mother invited). I got to repeatedly hear how much I've grown in the past thirteen years and was asked by many people whether I remembered them. My cousin's daughters heard the same. (We eventually sought refuge in one of the bedrooms.)

On Tuesday, my cousin dropped her fourteen-year-old daughter and me at the beach, told us to be back at home on time, and warned her daughter not to let anything happen to me because my parents would have her skin.

It was around 6:15 PM. We walked along the beach for over an hour, enjoying the sand under our feet and the waves washing over them.

Our timing was great -- we got to watch the sunset, from the time the sun began glowing red until it began disappearing behind the sea, and then until it finally disappeared.

Watching it was beautiful, the beach itself was beautiful, the weather was pleasant, and we had a good time. We even collected seashells.
We returned home at about 8 PM, covered in sand, our clothing somewhat wet, to be greeted by more of our relatives and some of my mother's friends.
All in all, a pleasant and relaxing day -- just the thing needed before a few hours of hectic packing!

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