Organizing my Israel Memories  

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The numbers are in. Exactly 17 days. Over 2500 photos taken. Nearly three hours of footage. About 100 pages of notes written. At least $200 spent on souvenirs and jewelry. The memories and experiences -- countless.

Expect random photo posts over the next few days and weeks, perhaps even with pictures of what I bought (and bargained for) in Israel. (These were not among my purchases though.)

My bargaining 'skills' seemed to amuse everyone, but I was having a good time. (My father later pointed out that offering someone in the Arab shuk 9 shekels for an item he wanted 10 for was like bargaining to lower the price by 25 cents. But hey -- I felt proud of myself at the time.)
Here are some more photos.
Photos taken on the way to Teveriah through the window of the bus:
Graffiti a la Israel:

In Tzfat:

In other news, I just went with my parents to buy shelves for my room, to hold all the cute little things I got in Israel. I am also struggling to find space in my room for the rest of the things that would not go on the shelves. This might take a while.

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