Winter Wonderland  

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What can be better than waking up at 11:30 AM after a wonderful full nine hours of sleep, knowing that you do not have to get up right away, and looking out the window to see a beautiful world covered in snow, white and peaceful?

Now this is what I call winter.

It looks as if it would be such fun to run around and jump in that snow and have a snowball fight, but with whom? Anyone here in Flatbush up for that?

Meanwhile, I am diligently working on all my homework and assignments. Yes, I am using my day off from school to work on all those things.... I am preparing a parsha lesson for this Friday on Parshat Mishpatim (parts of which I would like to share on my blog once I am done), doing Pirkei Avot homework, reading and taking notes on three chapters of a book on Jewish history (in Hebrew), completing a homework sheet on the 1920s in America, finding topics for my speech for class, and so on. If at any time somebody wants to introduce some more fun into that schedule, you are more than welcome to do so.

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