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We pass by thousands of people each day -- strangers who will never be anything to us, and strangers to whom we will never be anything. Those faces pass before our eyes and fade into oblivion -- and with them, thousands of opportunities to connect with other human beings, to have even a tiny little bit of impact on their lives.

I was sitting on the A train on Sunday, going back home at night from Washington Heights after a lovely day spent with my friends in the city and in the Heights, and I randomly remembered something that had happened last year.

I had been sitting on the train then too, almost like every evening, traveling home from Stern. I like to look at the people around me, to observe the multitude of individuals united here for the moment. There was a couple sitting across from me, a man and a woman dressed in cheerful brights colors and a rather unusual style. I couldn't help looking at them -- the way they were dressed looked so interesting. At the same time, I was attempting to get some homework done.

The couple stood up a few stops before mine, and as they were getting off the train, the woman handed me a folded up ticket stub, saying, "This is for you." Surprised, I simply said, "Oh, thanks." They quickly got off the train and the doors closed behind them before I could properly look at what she had handed me. I unfolded the ticket stub, and saw her elegant handwriting on the back. "You are very pretty :)" it said. I smiled.

I pass by thousands of strangers each day without remembering any of their faces. But one of those strangers had made a difference in my day. It's so amazing what one person can do with just a single small action. Each one of us can make such a difference in someone's day.... Let's take those opportunities when we see them, and create them when we don't see them.

Make the world a pleasanter place one action at a time.

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