Bye Bye Birthday  

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Waking up at 6:40 am on my birthday (an hour earlier than I usually do for school) in order to continue studying for a psychology test after four and a half hours of sleep must have been the result of temporary insanity on my part. The good news though was that it was absolutely worth it, because I think I knew the test well.

But when you spend half the night, an hour in the morning, your lunch period, and even some class periods immersed in psychology, and then you have are presented with different cases or scenarios on the test and you have to identify it and understand how it works and why it is so, it is a bit difficult to get the material out of your head -- even once you come home and the test is over and done with.

And that is why I spent my birthday explaining certain moments of my day according to a psychological viewpoint. When my mother picked up my psychology textbook and remarked that she thinks it would be very interesting to read, I couldn't help thinking about the overjustification effect. When my father praised my honesty when it comes to money matters, I thought to myself -- Oh! This is positive reinforcement, which is meant to increase the likelihood of me repeating a certain behavior! I then laughed at myself for not being able to get psychology out of my head.

All in all, I had a pleasant birthday, although it has yet to sink in that I am now a legal adult.

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