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To make up for my silence these past couple of months, I'm linking to some of the things I've written for the YU Beacon recently.

There's one about an exhibit of Janet Shafner's artwork in the Hebrew Union College Museum, titled "Dark Prophecies." Her paintings are visually striking and thought-provoking, usually depicting Jewish themes and stories from the Torah in new ways. This exhibit is open until March 30, 2012 and I highly recommend going to see it.

Then there is the article about the Medieval Festival that occurred in Ft. Tryon Park on October 2nd.

And finally, there is an article about my love for the Stern College Dramatic Society (SCDS) and all the wonderful things that SCDS brings to Stern.

Aside from my own writing, there are a lot of other interesting articles in the YUBeacon, covering a range of topics from shomer negiah in the 21st century to the challenges of getting enough sleep in dormitories. Check out the YUBeacon's website for more!

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